Hi! Thank you for visiting my page, I am working on my first album! we have just completed song 7. video will follow:) we currently lead worship at firehouse of God ministries in sterling Il. every other week. Hope you enjoy the music!


We where in Rockfalls Il during the " HOMETOWN HOLIDAYS" friday the 16th doing classic christmas music along with Sheryl noble and Micah Buyno... Following are some pics from that.>>>


Fill free to subscribe via youtube:) thank you! Im also available on Jango Radio now:)

 We are on itunes download UNBROKEN at:


01 - unbroken.mp3

02 - dance in the rain.mp3

08 - lifes not so bad.mp3

05 - my mother.mp3


Our Musical journey started getting serious about a year or so ago when we recorded UNBROKEN~ Unbroken was wrote during a dark time in my life when I stopped playing  music and writting and a big part of me died and I really wasnt myself or going anywhere that I should have been, but then I decided that I was going to do music and dare to chase this dream that I had since I was a very young kid....... and this song was wrote at the end of that dark time and the begining of something new the begining of me following God in my adult life.... and ... Since then we have recorded in order: Dance in the rain, Live, He is God,Marks song and most recent My mother which is the best so far! With every recording we learn a little more and we get a little better! Thanks for listening! :)

- Sean Marie+Mark B.-


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